October 05, 2012

Let It Out

Location : Somewhere
Mood : Missing
Songs : Yiruma - Kiss The Rain

I miss my bestfriends especially vairai and vairai's neighbour of course (haha). aaaargh.
Pinat, Ida, Jojo, Nunu, Eyza, Zaymar, Aimi, Firuz, Fatin, Makti dan lain-lain.
Weve been together almost 8 years through thick and thin.
They're people i can be weird with.

I hope we're always like this and only death can do us apart
Looks like i cant accept that they're far away from me.

Rindu rindu rinduuuuuuuuuu . nak balik lepak sesama, vacation sesama, nakkkkkk :'(


I'm always feel that I'm never good enough.
So, please ... guide me to be better, please ..

 "In the crowd of millions there's me standing there like the world is on pause.."